STOMP LOX bicycle shoes.
Enjoy your style, on the right foot.

Back in the day, nobody made bike shoes that matched my style.
So I veered away from binding pedals.
Then one day I met a shoemaker at a local bar.
And it hit me.
If they don't make them, why can't I?
And that's how it all started.
May your love story with bike shoes begin with STOMP LOX too!

Products born in Japan

Around 400 years ago, during the Edo period, the Japanese government made Shizuoka its capital, as it was the local city of the victorious Shogun. He ordered the building of a grand castle, beautiful temples and many houses. The government gathered the country's top craftsmen who then later settled in the city. This concentration of skilled hands is the key behind Shizuoka's history of excellent craftsmanship, including woodworking, lacquer, models, and yes, you guessed it, shoes. The city is fairly flat, boasting a signature temperate climate, which makes bicycles a popular form of transportation.STOMP LOX was born here, in Shizuoka City.

Products born in Japan Products born in Japan
Function Function


  • Easy to walk in, sturdy for riding. Our original POWER RIDE CORE SYSTEM is flexible and tough.

    バランス 01
    バランス 01
  • Durable, genius suede cow leather on the outside, breathable wear-resistant pigskin on the inside. *Please apply a coat of waterproof spray before use.

    素材 02
    バランス 02
  • Using Vibram® sole technology, the STOMP LOX sole is not only comfortable and durable with awesome grip, it's replaceable.

    ソール 03
    ソール 03



SIZE USA 8・9・10・11・12・13
UK 7・8・9・10・11・11,5
EU 40,5・42・43・44,5・46・46,5
Japan 26・27・28・29・30・31
Material Suede Leather
Soles opening SPD pedal support

US $250
World Wide Free Shipping

SLACK delivers a whole new concept on bike shoes.
Designed for both riding and walking.
Our POWER RIDE CORE SYSTEM — a STOMP LOX original design — offers the perfect balance of stability and flexibility.
SLACKs come in two shapes; normal fit and Asian fit.
The Vibram® shoe sole allows for a comfortable walking experience before and after your ride.

Use on gravel, urban and street riding.
※Give your brand-new shoes a splash of protection by spritzing them with waterproof spray before putting them on.
For long-lasting defense against the elements, remember to treat your shoes to a new spray every two months.

Terms of Use
・Shoes used in conditions that cause excessive damage are not covered.
・Shoes used in excessively high temperatures or below freezing temperatures are not covered.
・The sole adhesive may peel off if the shoes are left in high temperatures or walked on in water.
・To maintain suede leather, brush it regularly and spray it with waterproofing spray,
・Please note that repeated wetting and drying without waterproofing will damage the leather.
・Do not apply general leather oils or creams.
・We do not refund or exchange items that do not meet the ab...

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Shoe Size

Shoe size is large and it has normal fit and wide fit,
Wide FIT is wide as the name suggests, which is recommended for people with wide feet.

Shoe Size 測り方 測り方
STANDARD FIT (Fitting for Europeans and Americans)
inch 8 9 10 11 12 13
Length:A 10.59 10.98 11.37 11.77 12.16 12.55
Circ.:B 8.66〜10.43 8.81〜10.74 9.05〜11.06 9.29〜11.37 9.52〜11.69 9.76〜12.00
mm 260 270 280 290 300 310
Length:A 269 279 289 299 309 319
Circ.:B 220~265 224~273 230~281 236~289 242~297 248~305

※Circ. B is the diagonal circumference around the base of big toe - pinky toe

WIDE FITWIDE FIT (Fitting for ASIAN & Wide Feet )
inch 8 9 10 11 12 13
Length:A 10.47 10.86 11.25 - - -
Circ.:B 8.70~10.55 8.93~10.86 9.17~11.18 - - -
mm 260 270 280 290 300 310
Length:A 266 276 286 - - -
Circ.:B 221~268 227~276 233~284 - - -


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Japanese HS code 6403.19-010